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Grande 35 M/Y HEED


€10.500.000, - VAT not paid

Year 2019

Length 35 m

Beam 7.50 m

Draft 1.91 m

Cabins 5 + 4 crew

Yacht information

Drawing on Azimut carbon fibre technology and the expertise of Stefano Righini, who defined the concept and designed the exteriors, Grande 35 offers unprecedented solutions for a boat this size, representing a masterpiece of style and space. A wide-body mega yacht with a third level for an additional sundeck, the Grande 35 also has a side garage for tender and water toys, two big beach clubs in the stern and bow and an owner’s suite on the main deck with a spectacular fold-out terrace.

The interiors of the Azimut Grande 35 are designed by world renowned architect Achille Salvagni who uses flowing lines and streamlined shapes to reinterpret various classical features from a distinctive and unmistakably contemporary point of view. The various adaptations of the design share the same guiding thread, with one matt, textured type of wood juxtaposed against a darker, polished variety. A series of inserts of exclusive materials like treated brass, bronze and polished stainless steel characterize the space, giving it authority and elegance.

Be amazed by the exclusive Azimut Grande 35 M/Y HEED and explore her beautiful interiors and outdoor living spaces.


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Azimut Grande 35 MY HEED motor yacht for sale exterior image - lengers yachts AZIMUT_35M_-_External_View_4-7437572 AZIMUT_35M_-_Running_1-7437576 AZIMUT_35M_-_Running_4-7437578 44 AZIMUT_35M_-_Sundeck_7-7437581 Azimut_Grande_35_Metri_-_exterior_01-7907669 Azimut 35 MY HEED motor yacht for sale exterior image - Lengers Yachts (6) Azimut_Grande_35_Metri_-_exterior_03-7907670 Azimut_Grande_35_Metri_-_exterior_04-7907671 HEED-0043_hires-9314714 HEED-2973_hires-9314803 Azimut 35 MY HEED motor yacht for sale exterior image - Lengers Yachts (9) Azimut 35 MY HEED motor yacht for sale exterior image - Lengers Yachts (5) Azimut 35 MY HEED motor yacht for sale exterior image - Lengers Yachts (8) 1 5
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HEED-3029_hires-9314861 Azimut 35 MY HEED motor yacht for sale interior image - Lengers Yachts (7) HEED-3196_hires-9314909 Azimut_Grande_35_Metri_-_interior_05-7907827 Azimut_Grande_35_Metri_-_interior_06-7907828 2 Azimut_Grande_35_Metri_-_interior_08-7907829 AZIMUT_35M_-_Master_Suite_4-7437576 Azimut_Grande_35_Metri_-_interior_09-7907830 HEED-2574_hires-9314751 HEED-2529_hires-9314741 `