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Pre-Spring Floating Event 2024

We are excited to extend a warm invitation to the annual “Pre-spring floating event” at our splendid Marina in Muiden. The event takes place from March 15th to 17th and from March 22th to 24th.

POSTED On 05.02.2024

Lengers Yachts gives you the opportunity to step aboard one of our yachts that are on display and to witness the experience during a sea trial in open water. This event promises an unforgettable celebration of yachting excellence.  

This year, we have a remarkable lineup of luxury yachts waiting for you to explore. Explore the waters with sea trials of the latest models from Stratos, Prestige and Sacs, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovation. Alongside we have a selection of pre-owned yachts. 

Should a particular yacht capture your imagination, we encourage you to contact us beforehand to ensure its presence at the event. 

Event Highlights:  

  • Luxurious Catering: Culinary delights and refreshments throughout the day, courtesy of our catering services. 
  • Indoor Oasis: Immerse yourself in the Stratos experience and unwind in a cozy lounge area.  
  • High-End Partners: Discover handpicked partners specialized in the high-end market segment, showcasing their finest products and services.  
  • Sea trials: Step aboard and experience the sheer magnificence of our yachts during exhilarating sea trials on open waters. 

If you would like to visit us, or if you would like to receive more information, please contact us via

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We are looking forward to welcoming you in our Marina in Muiden!