Sacs - Lengers Yachts: Luxury Yacht dealer Europe

Sacs has been crafting high-performing, luxury maxiribs with definite impact since 1989. Perfect for thrillseekers who are ready for their next breathtaking journey at sea whilst also enjoying the complete comfort that a luxury yacht provides.

A Sacs yacht effortlessly blends innovation and pleasure. Founded in Milan, and renowned for their excellence, Sacs is the global leader in maxirib production. Their Rebel range of RIBs combine cutting-edge technologies (that has been previously applied in the military and rescue fields) with elegant, refined interiors. Whilst the SACS Strider range is characterised by sleek, crisp modern lines, sporty versatile shapes and cosy interiors: designed to enjoy cruising in bliss.

Lengers Yachts is proud to be the official dealer of Sacs yachts for Northern Europe. With over 50 years’ of experience in making clients’ dreams of their own paradise at sea come true, our team will gladly be on hand to take care of the purchasing process.

Are you ready to experience the sea at its thrilling best, and in complete luxury? Take a moment to look at the breathtaking Rebel and Strider ranges below, and speed through the open waters as never before.

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